When Life Gets You Down

Hello everyone! Sorry about the break from posting. I, along with many of you, have had an extremely busy spring and summer and am just settling into the routine of long, hot, humid summer days at home. Recently, I have felt as if my days are filled with "one thing after another," and generally those things are not very exciting (at best) and distressing (at worst). So I wanted to spend a little time talking about how to manage when life just seems to be dealing you a bad hand. Sometimes, this includes big things like family illness or loss. Other times, it can be the found in the minutiae of daily tasks taking longer or being more difficult than expected. Regardless, these experiences can leave you feeling worn out, tired, overwhelmed, discouraged, disappointed, or like there is no point in trying. While it is tempting to throw your hands up, give up, and never leave your house (or your bed), this is the exact opposite of what is recommended.

Believe it or not, negative feelings often pass on their own if you acknowledge them, talk about them, and then allow them to accompany you through your daily activities.I give people a "24-hour" rule. You get to feel miserable for 24 hours, but then you have to get back out there and keep plugging ahead. So, for those of you who are getting dealt a bad hand right now, acknowledge your feelings, get support, and keep plugging ahead. Better times are ahead of you.

**Note: If you experience chronic, persistent depression, anxiety, or other mood problems, you may need additional treatment with a psychologist or psychiatrist.**