This week, I want to emphasize "when" trauma treatment is appropriate. Honestly, the answer to this is simple.

You should seek out treatment at any time that you think your history of having experienced a traumatic event is interfering with your life. That said, be prepared that treating the trauma is a little like setting a broken bone that has healed incorrectly - you have to break it again before you can reset it. This means that you may experience an increase in symptoms before starting to feel better.

Keeping that in mind, you should seek out trauma-focused treatment whenever you think you need it and when you think you are ready to put in the time and emotional energy to heal. It is 100% okay if now is not that time. You will know when it is. Whenever that time occurs, please contact me or another qualified mental health professional. I will be here to help you do the hard work that will set you on the path to healing.